Acoustic Pods

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  • Chatbox Duo


    A conversational necessity.

    Duo is a private meeting room which helps you to connect, collaborate and focus in private.

  • Chatbox Quattro


    Supports your ideas.

    Each space deserves Chatbox Quattro – a private room for deep work, calls or a creative session.

  • Chatbox Single


    Acoustic. Effortless. Affordable.

    New space solution for catching ideas, making phone calls, video chats and silence in any space.

  • Space 1


    Reflects your mood.

    When we can focus, we can create. Match the colour of a movable acoustic pod with the style of your office space.

  • Space 2


    Be smart. Be focused. Be effective.

    Space 2 is incredible at silencing the noisy soundscape of a busy office. Joining more modules allows creating bigger spaces.

  • Space 4


    Modular. Movable. Quiet.

    Space 4 is a living organism just like your company. This silent teammate grows, shrinks and moves around.

  • Space 6



    Broad space to focus.

    Large acoustic room for group meetings, private conversations or quiet work sessions.

  • Space Max



    Wider modular room.

    Space Max allows you to be more creative than ever. Larger and brighter space for unlimited ideas.

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